Network Installation and Security solutions

Internet access is critical for organizations and businesses across the world. We provide reliable and high-speed connectivity for optimizing network installation services within corporate, commercial, residential, industrial or complex facilities.

Network Cable Installation Services

The computer network service professionals at Macchie Technologies are unmatched in their expertise in building, repairing, monitoring and customizing company networks. We ensure that your network is optimized to work for your company’s specific needs. We provide the networking expertise to connect your staff and business systems so that you can stay focused on your business. Our simple, cost-effective, comprehensive Networking service will keep your business’ up and running.

As an essential component for all modern networking solutions, easy access on and between connected devices helps businesses scale their setup and organizational growth. With experienced and trusted network installation services, your internet solutions will be convenient, efficient and cost-effective. The Network Installers is a service provider that blends together the right analysis, assessment, deployment, installation and surveillance to cater to IT connectivity demands of complex properties, whether official, residential or commercial. Our highly trained team of experts can evaluate your specific data center or business needs. We love what we do and pride ourselves in identifying the gaps for leveraging top-notch service to bring you world-class design, consultation, security, installation and repair solutions.

Macchie Technologies offer a wide range of services under network installation. These services range from Ethernet cable Installation, Wifi installation, Voice and Data, Data cable Installation and low voltage wiring.

Voice and Data Cable Installation

When it comes to voice and data cabling, Macchie Technologies is a name you can trust. Our highly qualified team covers telephone installation, structured cabling, fiber optic and ethernet cable installation. Quality structured cabling connects various devices to your phone and data network. Whether you’re looking to connect computers, phones, copiers, cameras, processors, servers or wireless devices, the Network Installers will work to ensure maximum connectivity. Internet access will no longer be a hassle, as we promise to deliver exceptional standards of electrical wiring. It is our job to properly configure your data center, voice and data cabling essentials. Fast data transmission and network stability are some of the key factors we consider when setting up a truly robust network.


Electrical Data Cabling

Choosing Macchie Technologies for data cabling is as important as choosing the best infrastructure for your organization. Electrical data cabling involves complex wiring systems required for secure installation and efficiency. It is essential for us to properly install organized cabling keeping in mind low voltage networks. Our professionals can handle network installation as well as low voltage cabling.

Telephone Installation

Businesses and organizations across the globe need uninterrupted communication. We understand the demands of industries and take pride in our robust telephone installation services. Our customers can also benefit from business telephone service in the form of Voice solutions or VoIP phone systems. Whatever your requirement may be, Macchie Technologies will provide an unmatched solution to fit your connectivity goals. We carry industry’s leading telephony products to fullfill your business requirement.


WIFI Cabling Installation

WIFI cabling installation is essential for businesses that rely on strong and stable wireless network. Our experienced technicians can help you with the planning, installation and maintenance of your WI-FI infrastructure. We offer a wide range of services, including the installation of access points, routers, and antennas. We also provide solutions for wireless network security, including firewalls and wireless site surveys to identify potential issues and recommend the best solution for your business.

We use the latest technologies and equipment to ensure that your wireless network is fast, reliable, and secure. We can also help you with the upgrade of your existing wireless network to support the latest standards and technologies. Trust us to provide you with the best Wi-Fi cabling solution for your business needs. Whether you are planning a new upgrade or an expansion, we have the expertise and the experience to help you achieve your goals.

Wireless Network Installation

A commercial/enterprise-level wireless network installation demands the latest technology. The infrastructure created will be ideal for high-density client deployment. You require the highest uptime performance and the lowest level of latency. To do that, you need an experienced, trained, and professional commercial wireless network installation service provider.

Wireless Internet Installation

Macchie Technologies is having expert team of technicians that provide implementation and maintenance of wifi solutions. We understand the importance of quality wireless internet installation, which is why we never cut corners during our wireless network setup process. Right from the beginning, our engineers survey, assess and work closely with each of our clients to implement a cost effective, yet reliable, network solution.