CCTV & Access Control Installation

We provide cabling and hardware installation services for all aspects of security and access control systems, including video surveillance, door access control and gate security. Whether in commercial or domestic environments, security systems are vital to protect property and assets to create a sense of confort and safety. Security devices that connect to internet rely on cabling infrastructure in order to function efficiently and effectively. Macchie Technologies is able to advise you on the latest requirements and design a solution that will meet your specific needs.

CCTV Cabling

Preferably CCTV cabling is now either cat6 or cat6a as mostly all cameras are now IP network cameras. Macchie Technologies offer fully installed and tested CCTV cabling solutions for our camera systems or upgrading existing cameras.

CCTV Installation

We offer a range of camera installation options. Although camera systems can be similar in nature the environments they are installed in can vary greatly. Our commercial CCTV systems cover anything from the standard office environment through to a data centre, warehouse or school.  The home CCTV installation costs vary greatly from Commercial CCTV Installation with differences in the number of cameras and their positions more bespoke to place.

Access Control

Access control systems restrict entrance to secure areas of a property, building, room, file cabinet, drawer, or other area containing sensitive or proprietary information, assets, or data. The automated nature of the system provides 24/7 protection along with 24/7 access.  

Businesses today want to monitor and manage access. Macchie Technologies offers a wide range of solutions to suit your environment and budget