Computer Repair and Maintenance Services

Computer/Laptop Repair

With our experienced technicians in the field of computer and laptop repairs you can rely on our expertise. Slow computers. startup issues, corrupted windows, software issues, Hard Drive diagnostics, broken screens , laptop keyboard replacements, etc. We also provide repair services for Apple products including iMac, MacBook, iPads.

Software Installation

Macchie Technologies can help you get software installed and configured. We set up networked, standalone remote access to office computers. We install accounting softwares like (Quickbooks, Tally, epidata), POS software,Photo/Video editing Software, office suites, Windows, Linux, Mac operating systems and upgrades.

Systems upgrade

If you have a slow system you might consider upgrading your RAM Memory or if you need more space to store more Movies, Videos, Photos, Music we can Upgrade your Hard Drive. Macchie Technologies can help you on what is the best upgrade for your system without over spending.

Computer Maintenance

f you had used your computer for more than 6 months without running any kind of maintenance you are increasing your risks on getting your system broken, especially if you browse the web constantly. Computers need regular maintenace to run smoothly; cleaning unnecessary files, defragmeting your hard drive, secure your data, run regular backups are just a few of the maintenance tasks performed. Macchie Technologies provides remote and on-site Workstation and Server maintenance.

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  • PC/laptop repair
  • software installation and upgrade
  • Systems Upgade
  • Computer Maintenance
  •  Network and security solutions
  • Telephony Installation
  • Desktop pcs and laptops
  • Internal and external storage
  • Adaptors and peripherals
  • Visual Displays
  • Network Devices
  • Cables
  • Conduits and pipes
  • All Gadgets
  • Smart Meeting Room Solution
  • Smart Classroom Solution
  • Lecture Capture Solution
  • Church Capture solution
  • CCTV Installation
  • Door Access Control
  • Gate Security
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